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2022 Topps UK Edition

Set Information:

In its third year, 2022 Topps Baseball UK Edition offers another twist on the MLB flagship set.  2022 Topps Baseball UK Edition returns with  a packed checklist of MLB® stars, exciting rookies, and legendary greats. Collectors will find a 220-card set highlighting the best players from Series 1, Series 2, and Updates. Look for inserts inspired by the iconic 1998-98 Merlin Premier Gold cards featuring MLB®’s best, and more. Select boxes will receive limited autographed cards.

Click HERE for the printable checklist.


Black /125

Big Ben /99

Blue /75

Purple /50

Gold /25

Red /5

Platinum /1

Short Print Codes:

Not Applicable

Short Print Checklist:

Not Applicable

2022 Topps UK Trout.jpg
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