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Coastal Sports Collectibles is the end result of a life long dream come true. We provide high-quality sports cards from all eras to collectors of all ages. We understand the passion and dedication that our customers have for collecting, and we strive to provide the best selection of cards at the best possible price. 

Every hobby shop has its own story and reason for being there. Some unique and some not so unique. Our "why" is actually quite simple. Through this exciting hobby, we aim to make an impact on our youth, to help spark new interest in the hobby and to support our next generation of collectors.

Michael Harris 1 of 1 Superfractor

Unfortunately, the sports card hobby has become very volatile over the past few years. The good news is that we have seen a major resurgence in the sports card market. The bad news is that product cost is higher than ever; making affordability for many that would like to get into this hobby a major concern. Our number one goal is to keep our prices low and our engagement high.

As a lifelong collector, since 1985, the time of Transformers, GI-Joe, Cabbage Patch Kids, MTV and big hair bands, we strive to bring back the joy that this hobby once offered. This wonderful hobby, that was once geared towards our youth has been pushed outside their reach and more towards the adult collector. This is why we offer free cards to kids under 15, No Purchase Necessary!

While our deepest desire is for our youth, we strive to offer product geared towards all collectors, whether you are 14, 54 or 104. We look forward to serving you.

This is the inside of coastal sports collectibles showcasing our sports card inventory.
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