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2024 Topps Series 2 Has A "Fun" Hidden Surprise (Jackson Holliday Fun Face)

Updated: Jun 30

Every year the Topps flagship releases come along with much anticipation for die-hard baseball card collectors. This years release was no different. A fresh new design. A fresh class of rookies. A fresh round of fun inserts, color and short prints.

The second series of this years flagship release has something extra special up its sleeve, a tribute to a classic, no, iconic sports card error, the 1989 Fleer Billy Ripken F*** Face card. You have to give credit to the creative genius that thought this one up. Perfect fit really given that they both wear the number 7.

1989 Fleer Bill Ripken

The original Fleer card had many different variations to attempt to cover up the vulgarity that was displayed on the bat knob. So, why not, Topps also decided to release additional variations of the card that align to the original variations, each varying in rarity.

There will be many that will want to collect the entire run of variations but at current price points this will cost you a pretty penny. We have seen these sell around $750.00 at release and now around $300.00 a few weeks in. Might we recommend giving these cards a little time to settle in, the hype to die down and jump in when the price normalizes. At this trajectory, these cards should soon be under $100.

Below are the image variations, listed in order of more common to less common.

Looking to purchase a hobby box to test your luck at pulling one of these, we have them for sale here.

Fun Face

2024 Topps Jackson Holliday Fun Face SSP

Black Box

2024 Topps Jackson Holliday Fun Face Black Box SSP

Black Scribble

2024 Topps Jackson Holliday Fun Face Black Scribble SSP

White Circle

2024 Topps Jackson Holliday Fun Face White Circle SSP

White Scribble

2024 Topps Jackson Holliday Fun Face White Scribble SSP

Saw Cut!

2024 Topps Jackson Holliday Fun Face Saw Cut SSP

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